1.5 – And you think you know someone…

So, we are already coming to the end of week one – well it’s Friday so that counts right?

At the beginning of the week, I had two concepts which I looked over using the proposal sheets that were given to us by Chris to try and put them against each other.

The first one was a way to remind young people with learning difficulties to do everyday tasks. The other was a navigation system of sorts for people with limited mobility which would adjust to the user needs.

I chose the latter.

Further on for the rest of the week, I decided to do some desk research to gauge the scope of my chosen topic. I first had a look at the effects of busy streets had on people who wished to travel but struggled with mobility. I also investigated different paving, such as Corduroy Paving, which is meant to help people but sometimes does the exact opposite if it is not replaced within a few years.

I also discovered that people who lived in busier streets have smaller social circles which affect older and more vulnerable people for whom mobility and good health are fundamental, which is often referred to Community Severance.

One of the final tasks I decided to complete yesterday was to interview my Mother who struggles with her mobility and fears even the simplest of journeys. Some of her replies were surprising and I thought before going into the interview I would know all the answers.

Some of the more notable talking points my mum raised were:

  • The noise of traffic
  • Taking side roads instead of main roads
  • Preferring to know where facilities are
  • Being rushed to crossroads where there are no traffic lights

So, this first week has shown the breadth and depth that I can research into including some great apps that are already available that I can use, also being able to look at reports which include people who are in wheelchairs, my research might not be completely aimed at that type of disability, but it might bring up some interesting information.