2 – Learning new tools…

So, with my one-to-one interview being postponed after the storm yesterday, I was pretty much bound to my flat.
So, I decided to make use of my time by looking into tools for prototyping. This was because I was wary about what my constraints would be if I decided to do certain interactions or animations.

The tool I decided to use is called Atomic.

This took a lot of researching, mainly because unlike 99% of Design students, I am using Windows and unbeknownst to me, most tools use the Mac OS which made my search a lot harder. Eventually, I stumbled across the aforementioned program, which is actually browser-based.

With everything, it took some fiddling, which at first seemed a little time consuming as once you start. Although I have to admit, I was very surprised at how easy it was to create motion tweening and transitions.

So what now?
Well now I have my tools sorted out, I can now focus on utilising them when I eventually take my key insights from my research, which is still needing to be finalised before I can start sketching out what I want my ideas to be.
Want to see what I managed to do in an hour?