8.1 – Time to collate all my information…

Today I had my presentation in front of my tutors Chris and Ewan.

The presentation went over what was on my boards, as well as where I am currently on my project. Here are each of my boards.

The brief feedback that was given was helpful, rather than having advice that would make me go back to the drawing board.

The first piece of feedback I had received was from Ewan, who had suggested I start to collate and gather information that my app will contain. This was something I had been thinking as I started to look at UI layouts and different ways of displaying information. It would be more helpful to have the information ready for input, rather than doing it the other way about.

The second piece was from Chris, who suggested I look at where my app originates from and where I see the use of my app being spread about. One suggestion was looking at a GP and seeing if my app could be suggested to patients that are struggling either physically or mentally.

I think this week I will look at both points, in preparation for meeting them again next week.

My main feeling towards the project right now is giving my app some context and giving it more information that it will contain. I felt this is the direction I should take before guru’s day.

I think I will do this by creating mind maps and different diagrams which will help me try and make sense of things that I am trying to tackle and include makes it easier to rule other functions out.

 I will also investigate where my app could be utilised, which could provide context for a storyboard.