Week 23 – Card sorting and questions

This week has been about carrying out some important user research, which has been focussed around doing some card sorting.

The main purpose of the card sorting is to determine where the user feels the hierarchical information should be ordered.

This was important to me as a designer as I need to listen to the user and to know where they think what order the information should be shown.

The first two users I decided to carry the research out on was my mum’s friend, who is a hillwalker and a physio and also my mum herself.

Laura was up first, she organised the cards in a way she would like the information to be shown on the three main screens.

The interesting thing about the first screen is both users felt that the information should be displayed in the same order, which was encouraging for me as that signified what information they felt was important. Bar the bottom two, it would seem they both think confidence is the most important thing to be asked first, which would back up my research.

This gave me a good basis as to what I needed to do for my ‘Getting to know you cards’ which would feature after the onboarding experience. Their replies helped me figure out what information would appear in which order.

Later on, in the week I spoke to another user, who was older than the rest and he also ordered cards into what he would like to see first.

His was slightly different although he realised that his reasoning for going outside was different from the rest. He wanted to make sure that he would get the right location.

He also did not think confidence was as important as he could adjust and also did not believe it was as valuable as the rest.

For the experience, which I have been looking at now making in Proto.io, is a consistent experience which is reflecting of a calm and soothing mood. This was similar to the advice I received from Craig Lamb.

Confidence was top of the list. This is obviously important, not just to the project, but to the users also.