Week 24 & 25 – Prototyping in Proto.io

Having spent the last two weeks prototyping the app interface, it’s fair to say I have been pretty busy.

Luckily, I have been able to spend more time developing different interaction and interfaces. Coupled this with making the image for the booklet and my statement, it has been difficult to juggle different tasks, but I have been able to go through to the other side.

Using Proto.io I have been able to work out how I want the app to work, as well as function. Animations are a key part of how the app will be perceived by the user. This is why I have been working hard to animate between different screens as well as different parts of the experience.

One of the most challenging areas of the prototyping stage was working out what the user would see when using the app. The information for the app was an aspect which I felt was the most important part, as this would add to the personalisation.

Displaying the data as I mentioned in the other blog post, which is called microcopy. This makes the app seems a bit more informal but helps the user feel a bit more at ease.

This is more evident throughout the ‘getting to know you’ card stage, where the user is made to feel like they can share their information.