Week 26 – Branding and other User Research I have carried out

Having spent two weeks up to my MKII presentation prototyping my app experience, I also managed to complete my branding for it. Also, I remembered some research I have carried out.

This was important to finish as my app needed to reflect the mood that I was trying to convey when using the app.

As you can see from my mood board, I have taken heavy inspiration from outdoor environments, as well as existing mental health apps.

Having the inspiration on the board, it was easier to try and build a brand language that would relate to outdoor spaces.

I feel that having plenty of white space, using a splash of green, helps convey a feeling of calmness and wellbeing.

Other content that I have uploaded, is the app personas and the content map.

Other content that I have carried out is User Personas, which were based off real people/users, rather than proto-personas. I have also carried out content maps, which initially helped me figure out what content would go where, and what would be user-generated.

These were obviously carried out earlier during my design process, however, like most things, I forgot to upload them to my blog. These pieces of research were crucial in understanding my users and to help me create an experience which would be tailored to them.