Week 27- User Testing

When finally taking your app to your user group, it can be thought of as a daunting and nerve-racking experience.

Mainly because you want there to be a positive reaction to not only what you have spent hours building, but also that the experience you are trying to create.

However, while carrying out the test, I realised that having positive feedback is very good, although trying to improve based on good feedback, is not ideal.

Luckily, there was feedback which I could take back and use to try and improve my app, here is some of the feedback that I was given from my first user.

User #1 positive feedback that I received was:

– Navigation buttons were helpful.
– Onboarding experience is insightful and a good introduction to the app.
– Likes the history of herself on the app.
– Add a share with a friend option, for them to join the user on the walk

Rather than focus overly on the positive feedback that I had received, I also had some constructive feedback.

This was:

– Have a new screen for to ‘prepare to get outside’ button after cards screen
– Re-name the button ‘short of time’ to something that makes sense to the user
– Detail the illustrations with a caption of what they are
– Option to take an image with a button in the map
– Option to edit the walk when building the walk
– Change the name of the walking history tab, to make it a bit more friendly and informal
– Change Emoji’s to more relatable ones

User #2 had said that when using the app she noticed that some of the grammar was not very good on some screens. Although she did like the way to build a profile. She said she also liked the colour scheme, noting that it reminded her of nature. Also noting the animations were also very nice.

Unfortunately, due to having busy schedules, the other two users I was planning on carrying out the testing with are busy. So, hopefully, in my next blog post, I can include the comments that they had with the app.


User #3 eventually managed to have some spare time to come along and test my app, he was pretty important as he was the oldest in the user testing group.

His feedback was helpful, he felt that the interface was easy to understand. The buttons for navigation during the ‘getting to know you stage’ was self-explanatory. He also felt that when he was choosing the filters which would display on his home screen, was really intuitive.

He also stated that being asked questions made it easier to make decisions, rather than having to fill out long forms or enter in data.