6.5 – Attending a Petcha Kutcha event…

So tonight I headed out to an event hosted by Creative Dundee where 8 Unesco Cities were in attendance. 

Here is a short blurb from CreativeDundee Explaining what the event is all about:

Dundee is the UK’s only UNESCO City of Design and has been a part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network since 2014. There are 31 UNESCO Design Cities across the world and each shares a commitment to using design to improve the lives of the people who make those cities their home. 

In October, twenty-two of the UNESCO Cities of Design will be in Dundee for their annual sub-network meeting and they will share with us, what makes their city special at this one-off event, Global UNESCO Design Cities Powered by PechaKucha, 6.30pm – 8.30pm on Tuesday 16 October 2018 at The Steeple.

The event itself was very insightful into how cities all over the world have developed and moved on from older traditional industries and are moving on into the future where they are at the forefront of design.

If you do not know what a Petcha Kutcha is, it was created in 2003 in Japan where the people presenting would only talk about a slide for 20 seconds. Yes, it’s as fast as it sounds, as I soon discovered. 

If I am being honest, most of the information that I listened to have escaped my memory, although what has stuck with me is the sheer contrast of different cultures and people that come together under one organisation and try to work together and share different views and ideas. 

I think that is what design is all about, people working globally towards the same goal which in turn creates a better future. Here are some of the pictures from the night. I have also embedded the live stream, which is great.