8.9 – Proto Personas, Mind Maps? I must be doing some research!

After receiving my feedback on my boards, I have already investigated walking that can treat depression. I found it very insightful and something at which I think I can think about when looking at my brief.

This week I have spent thinking about different aspects of my app, mainly functions that contain information and what information I want to present to the user. Although I made a mind-up with rough ideas of what I wanted to contain, I know that right now, nothing is going to be decided.

I also initially wanted to also investigate personas (which are called proto-personas!) that would use my app, I made them in consideration of what Chris said to me about to origin of my app, it helped me gain some context for storyboarding.

Again, this was early and rough, but again helped me frame my context, which would help me when I started a mind-map looking into primary functions and information.

Lastly, I started to re-think what my concept board contained after what Ewan had said to me, and what others had put on theirs, I wanted to slightly change what it displayed. This was important as any visiting Guru would understand what I wanted to shape my app around and inspiring apps out there.

This can help me bring some context to my app, helping me understand the persona that I am trying to create for.

Finally, I have to think about my set up for my Guru’s day table.