6.9 – Looking at communication points…

While I finish off my first board, I thought it would be good to go out and get some research in the physical space I am going to be designing for.

So, with the dog with me, I started looking around me at different signs and posters, even graffiti. They all communicate in their own way and each are as effective as each other.

The first sign that I stumbled across were the ones outside a small one-way street, which is ones we see every day, but we don’t appreciate how effective it is.

I guess every sign in its own way is a communication point, as it communicates where we can and cannot go on the road, sometimes even where we can walk.

Walking into the park, my attention was drawn to this, which was a poster stand, something which I had not actually paid any notice to, and it held information about local groups and a map of the park. I found it quite interesting about how mistreated it looks, although it still holds useful information.

Another thing that I found interesting that all the posters were about getting outside and being active and how to get involved in local groups. One of the posters was even promoting a discount card on local activities.

Later in the day, I passed these posters which were against construction boards, I think to try and make use of the empty space. However, the one thing I noticed about the posters were they were quite old and not maintained, but it still could be considered as a communication point?