Sailor Jerry


I had been set a design challenge by a company called arc-net. This was to design at least one page of the Sailor Jerry Storybook. The challenge was to add an element of gamification to the product.



Sailor Jerry turned to arc-net hoping to find out how we can help these misfits and rebels make their mark in the digital world. They want to cause noise, disruption to achieve brand loyalty.

Their premium rum will be produced and bottled using Distilled ID arc-net’s unique block chain-backed distillery management platform. Each bottle of Sailor Jerry will be individually marked with a unique QR code.

Scanning that code with a mobile device will take the customer to a rich, interactive storybook experience. Through which they can learn a variety of details about their specific bottle, including production methods. The storybook will use gamification to raise consumer engagement level with the brand.


The PDF can be viewed here. 

App Screens


Sailor Jerry is indeed for the bold. Their branding, founder and Rum suggest as much. So when designing this interactive storybook, I wanted to include not only what was important to the brand, but to their loyal customers.The storybook is able to identify the bottle using a QR code, which then brings the user to an interface which enables to delve more into the production of the famous Spiced Rum.The gamification comes into play when the customer taps the tattoo on the bottle and it reveals what tattoo they have acquired with their bottle. This will then add it to their collection, where all their tattoos are stored. Having a connection to the founder will be important for their customer engagement. The same goes for the recipes, as they collect limited editions and also add it to their collection, which is attached to the QR codes.