10 – An early Guru…

We have arrived at Week 10, which means only one thing, Guru’s day.

Surprisingly, I had an early visitor in Craig Lamb, who works at Sky Scanner as a Senior Product Designer.

His advice was useful, as he suggested:

  •      First, walks are all close by, progressively getting wider as the user builds their confidence
  •      Prompts using chatbots on an app, remind the user
  •      Animation – Soothing, calming, heartbeat?
  •      Mindspace App, colours phycological
  •      Do not create a barrier when logging in
  •      Try and take out lots of functionality – look at apps such as ADA and Quartz
  •      Map Journey for feelings, triggers, prompts, social que
  •      Getting out on your own, Building up confidence
  •      Build the app for the individual first, then the social part will come naturally

Tightly Defined

  •       Where I use the app
  •      What I want to feel
  •       So that this happens

These were some of the bullet points in which I wrote down, that I thought I could take on.

One thing that he said that stood out to me however for having a defined problem that I was designing for, which meant gathering all of my research and being able to take insights and problems from users that I could put into personas which would allow me to have a problem type.

Although, tomorrow is more focused on Guru’s Day.