Week 16 – I’m back!

Ah, the Christmas tree has been taken down, the decorations have been put back in the box and my dissertation has been handed in. My second and final semester is already here and I am already picking up from where I left off before I left to break up for the Christmas holidays.

The feedback that was given, that was spoken to me briefly by Ewan after my presentation, was the information that my app would contain. I expect that when I meet Chris and Ewan tomorrow the feedback will be very similar.

I have also considered I will need to head back to the walking group again at some point, as I have not been since the beginning of December, as I have been busy.

Now though, with me building up the information for my app, it won’t be long before I am going to need feedback about what my users will like to see and also what they would either like to be added or altered.

For now, though, I need to look into a few different information design maps, which has been my focus since I have started back. I have looked at both the group and individual setting. I have been excited as now with all my research I am able to input some real and meaningful content into my designs.