17 – My Feedback

Getting feedback on my interim presentation was one of the main things that were going to be happening this week. I had some idea what that feedback was going to be, although I was unsure overall what it was going to be.

To start off, my feedback in my mind was positive, with a lot to be proud of when looking back on my first semester.

– My research was in-depth enough that it made it clear for the need of my product

– Insights from primary and secondary research to inform some aspects of the service and app

– Very good engagement with people

– Scope out possible visual language, using existing services as reference points

Although I have all this positive feedback, there are always areas to improve. One of the main points that were made is that I need to look at
creating personas who would represent my user group.

My areas where I need to improve were as follows:

– Personas
– Content
– Branding

These were areas that I knew I would have to look into this semester, as this would fit into my information that my app was going to have. The personas would fit into the information journey.

I feel this would be a good place to start when I meet up with Ewan next week for my first supervisor meeting until then I should look at how I could utilize Adobe XD to create personas.