Week 18 – Understanding my app structure

Typing up questions when you are probing for an answer is never easy, especially when you are needing one in particular insight. This was the challenge I was facing when asking my mum some questions.

One of the questions which answered what I was looking for was the following:

3.) What is one of the things that annoy you the most when using any of the apps you currently use daily?

Her answer is the most in-depth that she gave, which helped me gather another crucial insight.

Here is her answer:

“I keep getting the same emails that repeat the same information. I like to have a backup when doing official business, such as written proof like an email. I like to have a visual record of what has been discussed. It also refreshes your memory of what you have just been talking about. I would like the app to learn about what I was interested in.”

Another problem I was facing was the fact that I was unsure how my app would be structured, which was another question I wanted to pose to my mum, as to which was she wanted the app to be.

2). Do you prefer being able to adjust your app preferences on your own or do you prefer the app helping you create your filters and settings?

Here is her answer:

“I prefer them to help with the settings. I like this because I usually forget to do it. I usually get reminders on my phone when my apps are needing updating. If this was not suggested to me by my phone, then I would have to get help from another person to do it. “

This answer that she gave makes it easier for me to decide how to structure my app and how a new user would interact with it. It would be a more linear approach but I feel across the board this would help a broader age range when they first come to use the app.

I also know that with it being a linear approach at the start, people who are a bit more tech-savvy will be able to change the settings at a later date, something which I will make available inside the app.