19 – What information is important?

This week is quite crucial in terms of bringing together all of my content for my MKI prototype.

I have been recently wondering where I should head next and for a while, I was a little stuck on what exactly I was trying to do. However today I have been making some progress in regards to designing a content map on pen and paper.

After speaking with Ewan again today (12/02) I have decided that the best way to approach my presentation for next week would be to design a simple wireframe in XD. Leaving out all of the content that will be included as I need to go and do some user research surrounding what certain aspects and definitions means to the users which will be using the app on a daily basis.

This is important mainly because I do not know yet what information is meaningful to them.

By doing a Venn diagram for example I can tease out the information which they find the most prevalent when considering what they do for an app. Find out where the overlapping information is and try and make sure I know what they want front and center.

I also need to find out what key aspects of a walk mean to the most to them. This can include distance, although I am unsure how my users would measure this or what it means to them. Other aspects like terrain and maybe even weather could be important to them, it’s something I will have to go and explore what they think a walk means.

I also have to research how the filter system will be used right throughout the app, which will mean the filters will have to be meaningful to the user.

I also have to research how the data is generated for the fist when a new user logs in. This will include different information from what would normally appear for a returning customer.