Week 20.5 – Sketching and Wireframing

When sketching out my interfaces, I want it to have a linear approach, helping the user create their own settings.

By using pre-made stencils, it enabled me to quickly get my ideas down on paper, to try and articulate what I wanted my user to see.

When sketching each screen, I would try and sketch out four different ideas, trying to push past the first idea so I would be able to try and figure out the best interaction.

I would then take these sketches into XD and then be able to make more hi-fidelity mockups which would help me visualise what I was trying to create.

When I presented my MK1 prototype I had no content, so now it was important that I added at least dummy content to try and understand where everything would like on the screen. I was also important for me to try and make sure that I knew where images would be placed, as that would be a good indicator for the user what to tap on.