Week 20 – Presenting my mark I and a surprising stumble on social media!

So today was the day I presented my Mark I prototype to Ewan and Chris.

Here is the link to view the prototype, you may notice a lack of content – or any words!

This was picked up during the presentation, despite it being suggested I keep it minimal, I may have taken that too far.

I spoke in my mind clearly about my idea and put across exactly what my thoughts and ideas were, which included what I wanted to do next.

My feedback was something that I was expecting, that I needed to do some more user research. It was also suggested that the user could alter how far they walk during their journey.

This includes Card Sorting, Tree Testing and A/B testing.

My blog next week will focus on going into in-depth with these methods.

Here is the initial prototype: https://xd.adobe.com/embed/17cc2a84-f8a0-4015-7c49-fa737a9648ba-61fd/

In other news, as I was scrolling through Twitter I stumbled across football legend Glenn Hoddle describing how walking is helping him come to terms with his recent battle with illness. This is the positive effect walking can have.

Here is a short snippet: