Week 21 – A week of card sorting and tackling problems using insights

When deciding how to conduct User Research to discover how people think my information in my app should be organised, there were two ways in my head, either open or closed card sorting.

All along the User Research process, which has included a learning plan, a video documenting, interviews, proto-personas, real personas and building an initial IA map in preparation for Card Sorting.


The chosen card sorting method I have chosen is a hybrid between open and closed, which according to theuxreview.co.uk is:”You provide your participants the items and categories as well as allow them to create their own categories. It can be more open or more closed depending on your specifications and type of categories you’ve already created.”

“It can be useful in generating ideas for grouping information and if you want to provide an initial pattern of classification that participants can then take inspiration from.”

This week will consist of me creating the card sort and carrying out the research to figure out how my information will be grouped and also if there is any information which I have missed out.

I will use the IA map that I have designed to help me construct topics for the card sorting research, to see if my categories are either liked by the user, how they will be ordered and if they would either like to replace or take out any information that I am currently considering to put in.


Another area that I have to consider is how my users measure their confidence and what they consider as different terrains. This is also important as their answers will dictate how the information will be laid out for them on the app.

I am considering doing this by going to the local walking group and asking them back outright how they think their confidence is measured, as well as how they judge how far they have to walk.

I also have to consider whether my way of measuring the way people measure their walks, which I would think will most likely be by time, as this is a thing that people do not have a lot of.